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[IC] General Interaction Post

[general interaction post~ \o/ if you wish to thread with Riku for ANY REASON at all, this thread is OPEN TO YOU. come on down ♥]

[IC] Crossdresser's Ball continuations

[for Riku and Cube]


Secret Santa post

HI SECRET SANTA. Um. I like things!

Feel free to ask questions, I play Riku and Cube, etc. WHAT DO YOU EVEN PUT IN A SECRET SANTA POST. I DON'T KNOW.


Whoops, anonymous comments are on now. Sorry, secret santa!

[IC] Mistletoe continuations

[for your mistletoe continuation needs with Riku]


[KH cabin]

[over time, Riku's gotten used to the sixth sense the darkness gives him, to the point where the ever-present scents of people around him become as easy to tune out as background noise.

but when the background noise changes, you notice it. and among the month's new arrivals, and the new scents they bring, there's one in particular that stands out. one that Riku can never, ever forget.]


He's here.

[IC] Clubs continuations

[For all your violent!Riku continuation needs. :'D]

[IC] Sora and Kairi; KH cabin

[oh, look. somebody left boxes of chocolate on Sora and Kairi's beds. ♥]

[OOC] Presents

For Sora, a silver ring with a small bell. Attached is a handmade tag with a heart-and-crown design Sora may recognize from Valentine's Day.
For Kairi, a crystal tiara.
For Roxas, a set of Struggle bats and a recipe for sea-salt ice cream.
For Namine, a white bolero.
For Xion, a Keyblade pendant.
For Axel, a squirt gun.
For Repliku, a huge box of cookies. inside is a note: "Next year, I swear I'll actually figure out something you'd like. Until then, hope you like these."
For Mickey, a snowglobe with a castle inside.
For Kaiji, a cookbook.
For Zidane, a carved wooden dagger.
For Shiki, an... attempt at a stuffed animal.
For Joshua, this game.

[IC] Mistletoe

Continuations/new threads for Riku. o/

[OOC] Fanart